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Written by on June 25, 2020

A platform for aspiring entertainers and companies that enables them to produce their shows/ movies.

 20/06/20 – BMC Live Entertainment has recently announced the launch of a group of new mobile applications that will change how underground entertainment is discovered worldwide. We are starting with the revolutionary ‘BMC Live TV.’

BMC Live TV is an online TV network where new users and existing users of the ‘BMC My Channel’ app can submit web-based shows that can be played anytime. This is an all-new internet TV network with a subscription-based method where creatives can have their stories displayed and enjoyed for millions to enjoy and only for a small monthly fee.

BMC Live TV furthers the mission of BMC Live Entertainment and its dedication to distributing the best entertainment for consumers across all ages and worldwide. It has highly evolved video streaming technology, binge-watching features, and high-quality experience across various devices and platforms. With BMC live TV, aspiring production teams and companies can now have their shows premiered and shown without interruption.

 Similar mobile applications launched by BMC Live Entertainment alongside BMC Live TV include: ‘BMC Live Magazine,’ and ‘BMC Live Radio.’

 To download the ‘BMC Live TV’ application, and enjoy amazing movies and shows, go online to


 BMC Live Entertainment was founded to give talented individuals access to be heard on a public platform. Its vast reach will propel these artists to reach an audience far beyond their imagination through the world of streaming.

 BMC Live Entertainment will provide the ability for all creatives to connect, collaborate, and deliver their quality product to the masses with no geographical restriction.

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About BMC Media World LLC.

 BMC Media World LLC is a platform founded to help undiscovered artists gain viral notoriety by helping to build and enhance their reputations. If you are a gifted artist, BMC offers you a great opportunity to increase your visibility, inspire, and share ideas. It also allows you to collaborate with colleagues around the world, conveniently schedule meetings, set events, or exchange important details conveniently.

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 Company Name: BMC Media World LLC

 Phone Number: 718-799-2022

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 Address: 1515 market 10 floor Philadelphia PA

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